Parallel Monte Carlo using python and NumPy

I occassionally read Darren Wilkinson's blog, and you should too. He talks about some pretty interesting stuff in the scientific and statistical computing fields. I've taken »

Improving matplotlib turnaround time with IPython

When I produce a plot, I'm working in vim on a python script that I can save and reuse later for reproducibility. My workflow goes something »

Generic accumulator functions using numpy

So numpy.cumsum is pretty useful. It returns an array of the running sum of elements from another array. In [1]: a = np.array([1, 2, »

Automatic differentiation: What is it and why should I care?

Given a function $f$, it is often useful to have an understanding of the derivative $f'$. Derivatives are useful in all fields of science, but they »

Publication-ready the first time: Beautiful, reproducible plots with Matplotlib

First things first, mad props to Rhys Ulerich for coming up with this title. In my last post, I gave a very brief introduction into matplotlib. »